SANS FOR408 here I come…

I will be taking FOR408 course at SANS first Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) themed training conference  dē-‘fәr-‘kän / DFIRCON 2014.  I will be participating via Simulcast as I don’t have the luxury to attend the conference live in Monterey, CA.

However, the best news I’ve heard is that SANS Institute has recently announced the new version of their Digital Forensics course FOR408 Computer Forensic Investigations – Windows in-depth.

The training is now renamed to “Windows Forensic Analysis” , however, new title isn’t the only change. Here is what SANS says about it

This course utilizes a brand-new Windows 8.1 based case exercise that took over 6 months to create the data. Realistic example case data takes months to create in real time correctly. The example case is a Windows 8.1 based image that has the subject utilize Windows Phone, Office 365, Sharepoint, MS Portal Online, Skydrive/Onedrive, Dropbox, and USB external devices. Our development team spent months creating an incredibly realistic scenario. The case demonstrates the latest technologies an investigator would encounter analyzing a Windows operating system. The brand new case workbook, will detail the step-by-step each investigator could follow to examine the latest technologies including Windows 8.1.

So, I believe I’m right on time :) Course material arrived yesterday and I’m feeling excited to get onto the training.

FOR408 Student Kit

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